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AAII sponsors hundreds of children all of whom were living in grinding poverty with dismal living conditions. Many of these children, instead of being in school, would have been augmenting the family income or, in some cases, even be the primary bread winners.

AAII provides every child with the following:
  1. Monthly cash stipend
  2. School uniforms
  3. Books
  4. Periodic academic evaluations with the children's teachers
  5. Regular medical check-ups by doctors and follow-up treatment
  6. Free de-worming and vitamin tablets



On a per-need basis AAII provides a broad range of additional services:

  1. Supplemental food for children with severe nutritional deficiencies
  2. Medical treatment extended to family members.
  3. Counseling and guidance to families which have experienced severe trauma due to alcoholism, financial debt, etc
  4. Provision of assistive devices including wheelchairs, hearing aids, calipers, etc.
  5. Grant money for small start-up businesses when deemed necessary to encourage self-reliance.
  6. Construction of roofs, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, and other home repairs and improvements
  7. Construction of new homes in extreme situations
  8. Corrective surgery including heart valve replacements

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