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Assistive Devices



Anupama, a 12 year old girl, is physically and mentally challenged by birth.
She has frequent seizures. Every day her mother would carry her to school. At
present she is not able to attend school as her mother is not healthy enough to
carry her to school everyday.

Anupama is taken to SAT Hospital, Trivandrum (40 Kilometers away from
her home) once a month. Due to financial constraints she is unable to take
regular treatment. Her father abandoned them two years ago. Anupama’s mother
earns a meagre income by doing some small scale bamboo work with which she
supports Anupama and herself.


Special Wheelchair being distributed


Assistive devices manufactured for AAII

Building New Houses

  A survey was conducted by the National Service Scheme in association with the
Department of Social Work, Loyola College of Social Sciences and the
family most in need of a house was identified.

 The beneficiary was Daisy. Her husband died 18
years ago and she has 6 children (3 daughters and 3 sons). The family neither
has a proper housing facility nor any earning member.

Daisy's New House


Daisy's Old House


Sophia's New House


Sophia's Old House


Chellayan & Shalomi New House


Athulya Jayan's New House

Aryanad Outreach Projects


Training on Food Processing


Training on Food Processing


Women in Aryanad selling the squashes, jams & pickles made by them.


Training on Farming



Other Programs


Mattresses being distributed to our Seniors


AAII gave Kanakkam, a senior citizen a cot, a chair and a trunk to keep her clothes


Mosquito nets being given to the Edaicode Enrichment Center


Mosquito nets being given to the Elanchirai Enrichment Center


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