My name is Suji. My father was a fisherman. We were extremely poor. Additionally, my father was an alcoholic and my mother did not have a job.

When I was in the 9th grade, I started receiving help from AAII. I was determined to study well and scored high marks in my 10th and 12th grade exams. Subsequently, I got admission to a good college to do a course in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT). Today I am a Medical Lab Technician.

Last year I got a job in a leading hospital in Trivandrum and am now doing very well. I am married and am leading a happy life. It is only because of AAII that I was able to reach this position in life.

My name is Darshana and I hail from an extremely poor family. My father is physically handicapped and unable to even walk. My mother is a manual laborer. We were in utter penury and unable to continue with our education.

 At a time when everything seemed hopeless we heard of AAII and approached them to help my sister and me in pursuing our education. I was then studying in grade 7 and my sister, Archana, in grade 4.


Darshana and Archana Now


We were both determined to make full use of the support extended by AAII and we studied very hard. The residential camps organized by AAII were immensely helpful and AAII staff really motivated us to give our very best.

Today, my sister is doing her masters in mathematics and after completing my masters in commerce I am now working as an accountant - something I could not even have dreamt of achieving if not for the constant moral and financial support of AAII. Truly, we will forever be indebted to AAII!!

Darshana and Archana Before

My name is Biju. I was born and brought up in a very poor home. My parents had six children of which I am the youngest. My father died when I was in the 4th grade. My mother was sick, but she supported us by working in a quarry as a manual laborer. I contracted polio when I was a child and hence couldn't go to school regularly. After my father's death we experienced a lot of hardship.

I was introduced to AAII and got support for my education when I was in the 6th grade. AAII helped me get medical treatment from a specialist. Subsequently they even provided me with a caliper. I studied tailoring with the help of AAII. To help me set up a tailoring shop AAII bought an electronic sewing machine for me. I am so very grateful to AAII for helping me break the cycle of poverty that my family was in and do well for myself.





Bindhu, a sponsored child of AAII, is today a lab technician

Pushpam when she was taken as a sponsored child of AAII >  

Pushpam is today a nurse !





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